Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get my bins cleaned?

Dirty, smelly bins get refreshed. Helps keep your family safe from germs, bacteria, mold, and pests. Keeping friends and being a good neighbor. There are many good reasons to get your bins cleaned!

Why do I have to sign-up for a plan/subscription? It appears I’m signing a contract. Am I locked into the plan?

First off, you are definitely not locked into any plan or contract. The plans were created to help lower your bin washing cost and to provide the convenience of the automatic billing system.

What if I want to cancel after a few tries after signing up to a cleaning plan?

You can cancel at any time! If you prepaid for the yearly plan, the unused portion will be refunded. Please note, a cancellation fee may be applied if the total charged to your account is less than the value of a one-time cleaning. Your cancellation fee will then be the difference between that already charged to your account and the value of the one-time clean.

How do I cancel my cleaning plan?

It’s easy! Just go to My Account on top of this webpage and cancel yourself. Or you can either call, e-mail, or send in your cancellation request via Contact Us form and we will be happy to help!

Why is the one-time cleaning more expensive than the cleaning plan per wash?

One time cleaning requires all the same scheduling, setup and management costs of a cleaning plan; as well, the first wash takes a lot more time and effort than subsequent washes.

Can I sign-up for a cleaning plan and then cancel after the first clean?

Yes you can, but will subsequently be charged the price of the one-time cleaning fee.

What if I forget to leave my bins out on my scheduled cleaning day? Do I get reminders?

Green Cleen will send out email reminders the week of your cleaning day. If you forget to leave your bins out charges will still apply.

What if my bins are not empty on cleaning day?

Bins must be emptied for Green Cleen to provide cleaning service.

How do I know my bins have been cleaned?

There will be a ‘fresh’ smell and your bins will look like ‘new’ again.

Why is there a garbage bag in my black bin after cleaning?

Any garbage collected from your bins after the wash will be bagged and placed into your black bin.

Do you operate year round?

We intend to operate right to the end of the year, then shut down for the winter season. On days where the temperature drops below -10oC we expect to suspend service.

If I want a more specific cleaning schedule, can I request this?

If you have a specific request, please let us know in the Contact Us section of our webpage and we will be happy to try and accommodate you.

Let Green Cleen professionally wash, deodorize, and sanitize your curb-side residential black, blue, and green bins.

✓ Kills 99% of All Known Germs      ✓ 100% Eco-Friendly      ✓ Biodegradable