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Are you looking to start your own bin cleaning business? If the answer is YES, contact Green Cleen Canada the Bin Cleaning Franchisor!

Who we are?

Green Cleen is the combination of an established bin cleaning brand and a manufacturer of bin cleaning equipment. Originally formed in 1996 in the United Kingdom, Green Cleen (known as Green Cleen UK) was setup to offer a professional bin cleaning service to the public and commercial sectors. With the growing market and with more cities and towns adopting the curbside residential garbage, recycling, and composting bins (also known as the black, blue, and green bins) Green Cleen UK decided to offer the opportunity for franchisees to share in Green Cleen’s success. Today, Green Cleen is an International brand with franchises in UK, Australia, Cyprus, Norway, Ireland, South Africa, and Canada.


The opportunity is now! You can be the first to market your bin cleaning business in your area. Green Cleen Canada is offering franchise opportunities for your area of interest within Canada. The bin cleaning business is almost non-existent in Canada; with little to no competition. If you don’t believe that, then we suggest you open up your bins and have a good smell….and ask yourself “who’s washing my bins?”.

Green Cleen Canada supply our Franchisees with the automated bin cleaning system equipment, online database software plus marketing and training support. Formed as an extension to a well established bin cleaning service, Green Cleen Canada offers a proven but low cost opportunity for business minded people who are looking to establish their own bin cleaning business.

With over 95% regular repeat customers plus the ability to wash both domestic and commercial style bins makes this a perfect opportunity for people looking to start their own home-based business and potentially expand to a multi-van operation. Requiring no major inventory or premises means lower business overheads and increased profits.

Green Cleen has been washing bins for over 20 years and have the systems, experience and knowledge to assist in your success!

Contact Green Cleen Canada for more information on franchising opportunities.

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Let Green Cleen professionally wash, deodorize, and sanitize your curb-side residential black, blue, and green bins.

✓ Kills 99% of All Known Germs      ✓ 100% Eco-Friendly      ✓ Biodegradable