Terms and Conditions

Cleaning Schedule:

  • Upon registering for our service you will be contacted with cleaning dates. In certain circumstances, the cleaning date may be shifted to the next day. If this is the case, customers will be notified.
  • Due to unexpected circumstances such as poor weather, equipment breakdown, delay in city collection, etc; rescheduling or refund will be arranged with the customer.
  • Our service operates year round with the exception of temperatures below –10°C. In this case, rescheduling or refund will be arranged with the customer.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancel at any time. Please note cancellation fees may apply.
  • If cancellation occurs before the first service a full refund will be applied.
  • Green Cleen must be notified 48 hours before first bin washing.
  • For 4-week or 8-week cleaning plan (including yearly sign-up), a $40 fee for Calgary or $30 fee for Airdrie (value of a one-time clean) minus what has been currently charged to your account, will be charged to customer cancellations.
  • For yearly sign-up, unused portion will be refunded upon cancellation.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • To ensure cleaning service, please leave bins out and emptied. Bins not emptied cannot be washed and regular fees will apply.


  • Oils and chemicals will not be cleaned. Stuck-on paints, glues, and other permanent stains may not be removed with cleaning.
  • Green Cleen stickers will be placed on bins of serviced customers to easily identify Green Cleen customers.